Customized Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning Solutions

Techolution experts leverage deep expertise in Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to drive businesses intelligence, services and customer experience transformations.

Our agile and robust team of data scientists, statisticians, and data engineers are the foundation of Techolution’s AI Center of Excellence. That translates to a real world understanding of big data coupled with hands-on experience in building end-to-end AI/ML solutions to enable people, processes, and technology to work faster, more efficiently, and transparently.


We have expertise in applying ML to structured and unstructured datasets ranging from time-series, imaging, audio, and other signal data to derive actionable insights. Our experience extends to areas of high-performance computing, and scalable GPU- and TPU-based computing to build models on large and ever scaling datasets. This gives us the the framework to leverage Deep Learning methods to develop production-grade neural network architectures that can be deployed as:

  • Cloud-hosted containerized API solutions
  • On the Edge, integrating with IoT gateway devices

The Techolution AI CoE follows an agile data science methodology to create and validate custom analytic solutions using Lean methods. We have expertise in a broad variety of modeling problems ranging from classification and regression to forecasting, natural language processing, and risk stratification for optimizing people, processes, and technology.

  • Outside of milestone-based project engagements, our AI CoE can become an extension of your company via our continuously integrated delivery support model providing a dedicated team to ensure seamless, high-quality project execution and delivery
  • Delivery of key services including MLOps and Dev-Ops for cloud instance management and maintenance of scalable computing solutions

Areas of Specialization

For a business to be effective, the capability to efficiently transfer massive data volumes and enable powerful large-scale data processing is critical. Techolution can engineer a data pipeline tailored to the specific needs of your project, utilizing open-source, lightning-fast, reactive, and distributed cluster computing frameworks (such as Spark, MapReduce, Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, Casandra, ElasticSearch, etc.) .

Techolution not only has  experience in application of contemporary libraries that facilitate the development of actionable AI , but has expertise in regard to math at the core of Machine Learning algorithms for everything from object detection and predictive analysis, to  ensure that our production models are optimized to reduce bias and overfitting issues.

Our team can work with small or large training datasets to develop accurate models.  Our expertise in natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, and predictive analytics facilitates expedient automation of decision-making and pattern recognition processes, starting with your curated datasets.

Our expert team of industrial and biomedical imaging experts, informaticians and statisticians, computer scientists and scientific programmers have the skills to perform in-depth bioinformatics analyses for high-quality, publication-ready results from analysis of clinical trials data. 

Our engineers produce data science pipelines which are productionized using Kubernetes in order to ensure that data pre-processing, parameter tuning, model training, and steps to deploy API services are part of a CI/CD pipeline and can automate  even multi-step analytics workflow.  Using a blend of open source tools and best practices, our engineering team builds Kubernetes clusters that are quick to set up and yet secure on your cloud of choice – Google Cloud, Azure or AWS.

Techolution Proven Phased Approach

Our highly successful four-phased focused approach will ensure the timely delivery of solutions within agreed milestones.



Define the problem being solved, understand its unique requirements, explore sample data, and assess organizational goals to make recommendations for tools, technology & architecture.

prototype & iterate

Prototype & Iterate

Rapidly build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and continuously improve the MVP through rapid iteration and agile user-stories that automatically train the solution to perform optimally and enhance the quality of data-driven insights that drive business decision making.



Monitor for biases before, during, and after modeling and systematically eliminate them using a combination of pre-processing, training, and post-processing methods including regularization, ensemble models and by calibrating the hyperparameters.



Deploy optimally trained models into production and maintain it through continuous training pipelines delivered through containerized solutions deployed using CI/CD.

Ready to get started with your AI project?


Challenges faced by each organization are different when trying to implement AI projects. That is why, we involve you right from understanding the business goal to deliver the solution which benefits you the most. Our end to end expertise and partnerships ensures you have the least time to market. Whether using our off the shelf solutions or developing a custom solution or customizing an existing solution, Techolution can help you with all of those aspects.

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