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You focus on business innovation while we manage your
Azure Cloud Platform. The bucks stops here.


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Businesses pursuing transformational change in the 2020s - and beyond - are rapidly migrating their critical workloads to the cloud.

Is it time to upgrade your cloud strategy?

Even digitally native enterprises… At the same time, many incumbents, challenged with the storage and architectural complexities of a cloud platform, are seeking Azure expert managed services as they combat these obstacles.

More and more cloud migrations are happening and at an accelerated pace. Craft your winning cloud strategy today and deliver on the goal of digital transformation in 2020.

It’s crunch time.

83% of enterprise workloads will be on the cloud by the end of 2020

Large incumbent companies are able to launch services 60% faster

Our Retail and Banking clients have optimized IT asset usage to cut IT overhead costs by 40%

Companies have automated thousands of workloads on Azure to reduce IT incidents by 90%

The rest are working to “keep the lights on”

Go Beyond to Create Stunning Digital Experiences with our Azure Managed Services

Choose Techolution Azure Managed Services to bend the arc of your IT toward customer experience and digital growth.

Companies delaying cloud adoption have found themselves on the wrong side of big digital trends.

On the Azure Cloud, you have the opportunity to harness the power of data, modernize core technology, and catalyze change.


Take Digital to its Full Potential with our Azure Managed Services

From Azure Cloud migration to 24×7 oversight and management of the platform, we take complete responsibility of your IT ecosystem on the cloud.

Our team of Azure Cloud Transformation Experts provides architecture, infrastructure, and operational solutions to meet your compute, storage and network requirements.

azure advisory & consultancy services
Azure Advisory and Consulting Services

We take a dispassionate look at your existing IT portfolio to design an all-in cloud transformation approach for your short- and long-term digital aspirations.

azure cloud migration services
Azure Cloud Migration Services

Techolution Azure consultants guide you with migration blueprints and proven methodologies. We assess your workloads to determine critical migrations considering cost and growth potential.

azure dev ops services
Azure DevOps Services

Increase team productivity and collaboration with Visual Studio Team System and automate software development lifecycles. We’re experts in implementing DevOps with Microsoft Azure for network monitoring and continuous application development, testing, integration, and deployment.

azure app modernization services
Azure App Modernization Services

We use our expertise in digital, IoT, cloud computing, and WoW customer experience to develop and deploy cloud-first apps, re-engineer native apps for Azure and enable SaaS integration. Drive app personalization and gain a distinctive edge.

After the initial execution of build and migration processes, we’ll make sure that your enterprise apps on the Azure Cloud platform are closely knit in a hyperconnected environment, ready to evolve with the latest technological advancements.

The buck stops here.

We work along-side internal resources to get to issue resolution regardless of the source of the issue. No ‘Not our problem’ responses.

Arriving by 2020, 5G is poised to increase the creation of user data by 300%-1000%. This sheer volume of new data will leave IT teams with only one option: to migrate to the cloud as they embrace digital.

CASE STUDY | Your All-In-One Azure Cloud Transformation Partner

Asset Management Platform on Microsoft Azure | 10,000+ devices connected

Techolution developed a cloud-based, interactive asset management application on the Azure Cloud platform for a retail and cash management company that was seeking real-time decision-making capabilities.

What followed was a strategic approach to cloud migration and automation, including app development, IoT integration, and ML & AI provisions on the Azure Cloud platform. By containerizing resources on Kubernetes, we delivered the ability to automate processes and access granular data for precision analytics.


The Azure Cloud is where digital meets physical.


10,222 devices connected, with a
target set for making all existing
devices interoperable.


Asset Management app is sending
out notifications at an accuracy of
1 message/minute.


A total of 10,586,926 device
messages per day are sent out
from the application.

Tools and Technologies

Azure Kubernetes Engine, Logic Apps, HDinsight Clusters, Azure Virtual Machine, Application Insights, Azure IoT Hubs, Event Hubs, Functions Apps, Blob Storage


Invent, Launch, and Accelerate Groundbreaking Businesses Using our Azure Managed Services

We can help you deliver WoW Customer Experience leveraging the Azure Cloud platform indigenous technological capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, IoT, distributed parallel computing, ETL and data warehousing resources.

achieve peak performance
Achieve Peak Performance

Applications and infrastructure are accurately responding to server demands and optimally delivering peak performance.

Reduce IT Costs
Reduce IT Costs

Reskill IT teams for business innovation while minimizing expenses on data centres and legacy support vendors.

Agility & Scalability
Agility and Scalability

Quickly and easily increase or decrease cloud resources. Stay ready for market demands.

Future-Proof Digital Investments
Future-Proof Digital Investments

We’ll continuously improve the cloud platform to help you make confident moves.

Our customers thrive in an era of rapid transformation.

We asked Techolution to connect sensors and drive insights from assets. They connected the dots and today we have a fully automatic asset management platform running on the
Azure Cloud.

– Executive, Retail & Cash Management Company

Having been hosted on a legacy IT environment, migrating 800 enterprise apps to the cloud seemed daunting. In less than a year, the Techolution team has been able to smoothly move more than 400 workloads (petabytes data) to the Azure Cloud.

– Operations Leader of an Automotive Company

Techolution helped us bridge the gap between customer demand and retail marketplaces. They migrated our Sales and Marketing applications to Azure cloud, automated workflows, and integrated data analytics across the data lifecycles. We are now able to drive
customer behavior insights to retailers within seconds.

– CMO, Pharmaceutical Company

Each day, at least 2 companies are deciding to migrate to the Azure Cloud. Become a first-mover in your industry. Let’s talk about how the Azure Cloud platform can work for your business.